What’s Lollipops Lemonade And Frogs in Hot Air Balloons All About?

Where Did The Name Come From?

Lollipops Lemonade And Frogs In Hot Air Balloons comes from a day where I was outside playing with my small children all of them under three at the time and there just wasn’t enough of my to go around that day in particular. One of them had a lollipop stuck in their hair, the other was running wildly away from me through the yard with her sippy cup spilling lemonade, and my son was playing in the baby pool, of course with his diaper off, trying to make his toy frog fly off in a “hot air balloon” which was really a balloon from the dentist’s office the day before with the girls’ dollhouse kitchen chair knotted to it. I just stood there for a moment trying to collect myself and assess the situation for damage control. That’s when I looked at each of them and the name just came to me.  And really there was nothing to clean up at that precise moment because they were laughing only the laugh a baby and toddler can laugh and they were just fine. That was one of the most magical days I’ve ever had with my children and certainly one I’ll never forget! I came up with the name for a children’s book originally but later decided to use the name for my blog. This blogging thing is still under way and I’m meeting really great moms and dads along the way! I hope you’ll stay for a while and be a new friend. Welcome!